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Activism and changemaking is in Rosanna’s DNA. Her struggling artist and activist parents were deeply involved in the civil rights movement. As a young child, she marched bare chested next to Martin Luther King, Jr.. Later, she was a flower child at Woodstock. All of her advocacy work centers around inclusivity and giving peace a chance.
In 1992, with her Flower Child Productions company, Rosanna directed and produced the documentary, Searching for Debra Winger, which called out gender inequality in Hollywood. While it was the first time she publicly denounced how women were treated in her industry, it wasn’t the last. In 2017, she was one of the first to confide in writer Ronan Farrow and connect him with many other women who had been abused and sexually assaulted by Harvey Weinstein. The story catapulted the #MeToo hashtag into an era of women’s marches and a historic guilty verdict for Weinstein.
Rosanna’s causes span from environmentalism, homelessness, gender discrimination, sex trafficking, sexual assault, LGBTQIA+ rights, and others. For her, raising awareness, amplifying voices and nonprofit organizations, is a part of her daily routine. And she wouldn’t want it any other way.
Three years ago, Rosanna and her family partnered with the USC’s Violence Intervention Program to found the
Alexis Arquette Family Foundation, in honor of their sister Alexis. VIP’s Executive Director Astrid Heger and the family opened the Alexis Project, a clinic in downtown Los Angeles serving the specific needs and treatment of rape survivors, particularly those in the LGBTQIA community, with dignity and respect.
Most recently, Rosanna has been arrested alongside her longtime friend and fellow activist Jane Fonda while marching at her
Fire Drill Friday protests, demanding the US government take bold action in the fight against climate change.



The Fire Drill Fridays movement uses celebrity platforms to empower environmental activists and lobby for progressive climate change legislation. Text JANE to 877-877 to take action with Jane Fonda, Greenpeace, and the #FireDrillFriday movement every Friday.


Fighting for a greener, healthier world, no matter what forces stand in our way.

The Alexis Arquette Family Foundation was created in memory of Alexis Arquette

and is committed to the care and support of LGBTQ+ community.

The TransLatin@ Coalition is an organization formed by Trans Latin@ leaders who have come together in 2009 to organize and advocate for the needs of Trans Latin@s who are immigrants and reside in the US.

Christopher Street West (CSW) produces LA Pride, the second largest Pride celebration in the country. They also organize, sponsor or support numerous events throughout the year advocating gay rights.

The mission of the Violence Intervention Program is to protect and treat all victims of family violence and sexual assault, and for 30 years, has been executing and expanding that vision.


Jewish Family Service provides life-improving services that help the people of Los Angeles live with dignity and exercise self-determination. We believe in and strive for a more compassionate Los Angeles where no one has to navigate life alone.


Apne Aap Women Worldwide's vision is of a world where no girl or woman is bought or sold,

where each girl or woman can realize her full potential.


Big Heart Ranch is Malibu’s most loved nature-based community wellness center and animal

rescue sanctuary where people and animals awaken each other.

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